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Updated: Mar 9

It’s Most Important To Start with The Roots, So First Let’s Know

What Is Marketing?

“Promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising of a business” is the actual definition of marketing.

It’s probably difficult for you to define marketing even though you see it and use it every day. Because it is only easy for those who work in marketing role like I do, I think the term marketing is a bit all-encompassing and variable for a straightforward definition.

This definition feels awkward.

Because the words “Selling” and “Advertising” makes me think of “Madmen” brainstorming sessions.

But upon digging deeper, I began seeing that actually, Marketing present in all stages of business, beginning to end.

At last I concluded the definition of Marketing in this way,

“It is the process of grabbing people’s interest in your company’s product or service”. This happens through market research, analysis and understanding customer’s interest.

Modern Marketing began in the 1950’s when people started using the TV’s more than the print media. As TV, and as soon as the Internet, Marketer’s got ocean of opportunities to conduct campaigns in multiple platforms.

In this 21st century, there is a drastic change in consumer behaviour. The world is moving towards “Digital”. As needs and products keep going up, marketers need more ways to market them. So marketers has to adapt the technology in there marketing campaigns, which in terms of mathematics is,

Marketing + Technology = Digital Marketing

I think now your brain starts running because you have come across a new word i.e., “Digital Marketing”. So, now it’s time to answer an FAQ,

What is Digital Marketing?

Wrapping up the definition of Digital Marketing in a single sentence,

“Digital Marketing is simply a better way to do marketing” – by Digital Deepak.

Let me raise a question,

Do you still use a Windows 98 PC for your business or a new laptop/computer?

Chances are you probably choose the latter – If not, it is definitely time to upgrade!

The same concept is true for your digital marketing. Old ways of marketing for your business are not effective anymore. Traditional marketing strategies are on a fast decline, and for good reason. There is no way to measure the performance or effectiveness and it’s brutally cost deficient. Can you truly measure the ROI on your traditional marketing?

Digital Marketing has changed the way large and small business have communicated with their customers and increased sales with all the different platforms available for internet marketing the opportunities are endless.

With all those opportunities though, feeling overwhelmed and stressed on how to proceed is common for many small businesses, marketers, and start-ups etc,

To get out of this confusion, Join the tribe of digital marketing of “Digital Deepak” which explores your knowledge in digital marketing.

Why it’s important to join the community of Digital Deepak?

His personal strategies are the golden duck eggs for many upcoming marketers.

Because his methods in driving outcome for digital marketing are really fabulous, one of his best digital marketing strategy is,

Integrated Digital Marketing:

Similarly, there are many strategies and techniques by Digital Deepak which are going to change your perception in digital marketing approach,

To unlock all his techniques and strategies join the Digital Deepak Internship,

The tribe of digital marketers by Digital Deepak.

About Digital Deepak that you want to know,

Deepak Kanakaraju is a Digital Marketing Consultant from Bangalore, India. He is also an Author, Speaker and Trainer in the field of Digital Marketing. He trains students, professionals and business men on Digital more

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